LessFios back to Mobile World Congress 2019. What to expect from the event?


The MWC (Mobile World Congress) is one of the biggest technology events of the year. It takes less than a week for tech giants to present their new products and services.

The MWC 2019 starts in Barcelona on February 25 (although some companies hold events a day or two earlier) and runs through 28 in February. The team at MenosFios will be in Barcelona and will count on the support of the CABLE TV and for the first time of the Financial Education Portal KambaRico.

Mobile World Congress

What to expect from MWC 2019?

The most popular: there are rumors about the folding device of the ZTE. LG and Huawei have already confirmed that they will be launching 5G phones at the event.

But, there are other points of interest. Below the highlights selected by our team:


When everyone thought that the Samsung Galaxy S10 was announced on MWC 2019, the South Korean company confirmed that today, February 20, at an event in San Francisco, the new top of the range will be unveiled.

For those who think there will be nothing new from Samsung at the event, you can expect the Samsung Galaxy Sport or the Samsung Galaxy Fit and who knows a sample of the Galaxy S10 itself.


LG G8 will be unveiled at MWC on February 24, according to growing rumors. LG itself has also confirmed that it will launch a phone in February 24, although it has not mentioned G8.

What is confirmed? LG will be hosting an 5G phone at the event, featuring a 4.000mAh battery, a steam chiller and a Snapdragon 855 chipset.

However, this can not be G8, but the LG V50 ThinQ, probably the two smartphones will be announced in the MWC, but only V50 will support 5G.


Sony often announces new phones at the MWC and the next top-of-the-range expected is the Sony Xperia XZ4, which can be launched during the event. Sony's press conference is scheduled for 25 in February at 8h30.


It has already been confirmed, Huawei P30 will be released in Paris in March, so Huawei decided to step out of the MWC spotlight and organize a more focused event to promote its new top of the range.

However, even if Huawei P30 is not the star of the Chinese company in MWC 2019, it is confirmed the release of the foldable 5G phone.


Although OnePlus 7 is unlikely to be released until mid-2019, we can see the beginning of a new company range in MWC 2019. OnePlus is working on a 5G device for 2019 launch and there is a remote possibility of being announced on MWC 2019.


The Moto G7 has been announced recently, however it is possible that we can achieve something even more exciting in the eventp: Motorola Razr V4 folding. There are rumors that it will be released in February, so the MWC would be a great place!


We saw many Nokia branded phones at MWC 2018, with an emphasis on the retro version of “Nokia Banana”, so we can see a little more at MWC 2019. The highlight of the group is perhaps Nokia 9, the company's new flagship.

Rumors of Nokia 9 PureView have been circulating for a long time and we may have a surprise in Barcelona.


Do not get distracted, ZTE likes to mark your presence and is apparently preparing something for the MWC under its Nubia sub-brand. From all indications, a folding phone is coming.


Xiaomi is expanding. At the end of 2018, the Chinese company officially started selling products in the UK and is spreading its stores elsewhere in Europe. So do not be surprised if we see the Chinese giant's phones on MWC 2019.


Oppo revealed that it plans to announce a foldable phone at MWC 2019. An event confirmed by the company is of “innovation” on February 23 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, before MWC 2019, news in sight.


Are there any more manufacturers that you would like to see at the event?


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