3 Reasons to Miss Your Phone |


The aim is not to create controversy, but to show the dangers and as a result to alert Parents and even general users about the need to moderate to the maximum in the use of phones, tablets, computers and other devices in this series of 3 posts with 3 motifs each.

It hurts the neck

I particularly find it funny how the phones have changed so much the world today that they even have medical conditions attached to them. Understand, "Text Neck", the head is heavy the neck and spine "were drawn" so that it is at a certain angle, when we tilt our head to look at the phone since for a simple message, read a email, a casual play on pressure in the spine can increase to more than 18kg so neck pain and even in the spine itself will not be new.

Carry Bacteria

From our pockets to the desk no one knows how clean really is where we put our phones because we use them so close to our ear and mouth the danger is even greater. Washing our hands and keeping our phone clean regularly helps us to avoid bigger evils.

You may have a bad image.

Sometimes I'm with someone to have dinner or in a simple dialogue and repair that person does not stop to touch the phone, but to me it causes me a certain discomfort, I even understand the occupations of people and etc but sometimes hang up helps focus and even achieve more, in a good conversation can learn more and even retain than always rely on phones.

Until now with more news.


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