6 Tips To Prevent Theft From Your Laptop


Nowadays we rely more on our phones than in the past, tasks that portable they are now done in a snap but for those who still enjoy the comfort of a device with a larger viewing area, a larger keyboard and no need to use a mouse. These tips can also be applied to tablets since many are already the size of many laptops currently on the market

The most efficient and safe tip that exists is the precaution. In this sense, here are some precautions that can prevent theft or theft of your laptop or tablet. Yes, some tips seem obvious, however, we are often not aware of them, so it's worth considering them:

1 - Use only when needed

Take your laptop to places where you know it will actually be needed. If your use is not important, leave it at home or at the office. This tip also helps to decrease the weight it carries, especially being a high school student or college student;

2 - Carry your laptop in a discreet bag

To carry the notebook, use a discreet backpack, always holding it close to the body. No carrying it by holding it by the handle or carrying the laptop in a bag. In the case of a backpack, take care that it is not opened by someone when you are standing somewhere or with it on your back;

3 - Stay close to the laptop - always!

When visiting a place (a company, for example), keep the laptop always with you. If you leave the laptop in your workplace, lock the room when you leave or attach it to the table with a security cable. Believe it, it is not hard to find thefts within the corporate environment;

4 - Differentiate your laptop

Stick a sticker on your laptop or something similar that allows you to easily identify it. If someone is interested in the data in it, you can exchange it for an equal model. It may seem an exaggerated care, but actions of this kind happen;

Stickers give a more personal touch to your laptop and allow you to identify it more easily

5 - Reduced attention when using the laptop inside the car

When using a laptop in the car (in a taxi, for example), do it with as little discretion as possible. So, people on bikes, neighbors cars or even on the street will not summer. If you are experiencing bottlenecks, store the laptop, as this is a great opportunity for bad guys.

6 - Store in your trunk

If you need to keep your laptop in the car after you park it, leave your laptop and other valuables in the trunk or hide it in some way. Do not leave it on top of the seats or on the dashboard of the vehicle. The ideal, however, is to take it with you; When using the notebook in a public place, make sure it is not under observation. When leaving the site, look around to see if you are not being followed. If you suspect something, stop somewhere safe and wait. Seek the police or an establishment security officer (if applicable) if you notice that the threat persists;