Nigerians arrested for cyber crimes in India


A group of seven people (4 Indian and 3 Nigerians) were arrested for allegedly carrying out one of India's biggest online scams. Among the offenders are: Idrish D'Costa, Sinedu Christopher, Ifaain Odhu, Irfan A Dehmukh, Tabiz Deshmukh, Rajesh Gaikwad and Nizamuddin Shaikh who are being accused of invading more than 2.000 bank accounts in India.

According to reports, the group of alleged cybercriminals used a number of methods, including phishing emails, SMS, the creation of a ICT fake, hacked the victims' e-mail accounts to get online bank details of their targets. Once they had the details, they supposedly set up fictitious bank accounts and transferred the funds through an electronic wallet before swapping them and trading them for Bitcoin.

Second Jeetendra Yadav (Assistant Police Commissioner Indiana), "This cyber fraud is emerging as one of the largest and most widespread in the country. Only 50 victims lost more than one crore (unit of Indian numeration) of their economies. So far 50 has been detected in cases where they have intentionally chosen high profile victims. He also pointed out that the amount currently diverted is 1,03 crore. The gang used Russian proxy servers to host fake sites. The devious money was converted online in bitcoins and transferred to e-wallets and then to different bank accounts in India and Nigeria. "

The alleged crimes were probably successful, in part because the group allegedly took money from the victim's bank accounts between 3h and 6h, India's local time, when their targets were likely to sleep.