Research reveals that organizations are not ready to meet cyber demands


The fourth industrial revolution is driving change and digitization at an exciting pace, says the global accounting organization. Deloitte. New markets are being created and with each innovation the world becomes increasingly digitally connected.

However, according to the Future of Cyber ​​search by 2019 at Deloitte, there are notable gaps in the ability of organizations to meet future cybersecurity demands. The findings indicate that many cyber organizations are challenged by their ability to prioritize cyber risk across the company (16%), followed closely by management's lack of alignment with priorities and adequate funding, each with 15%.

“Cyber ​​leaders today are focused on digital transformation as a catalyst for change for large companies and their cyber agendas. The good news is that the survey results show that organizations are no longer adopting a wait-and-see philosophy, prepare for and respond to cyber incidents, ”says Eric Mc Gee, Deloitte Africa's cyber security leader.

Here's a closer look at Future of Cyber ​​research findings. :

  • Half of the organizations (49%) have cyber security on the board's agenda at least quarterly. On the other hand, half of executives are not discussing cybernetics as often as they should. More worryingly, only 4% of respondents say cyber security is on the agenda once a month.
  • While organizations prioritize digital transformation, only 14% of cyber budgets are allocated to ensure cyber security in transformation efforts.
  • Fewer than 20% of organizations have security contacts built into their business units to promote greater collaboration, innovation and security.
  • Data integrity (35%) was ranked highest among cybersecurity threats, followed by unintentional actions by well-meaning employees (32%), resulting in a negative event and then followed by technical vulnerabilities (31%).

This research report aims to contextualize the numbers and expand the dialogue and acceptance of cyber everywhere, so that organizations are not limited by it, but empowered to embrace the opportunities they will create.


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