Tips for creating foolproof passwords [Part 2]


In light of the latest revelation on the worst Passwords(Passwords) of the year, we felt the need to bring some more tips, to add to those we mentioned in our first part on "Tips for Creating Flawless Passwords"

You probably have more than one account online and each account must have a unique password. There are too many passwords to remember! However, the consequence of not using strong, unique passwords leaves you and your data vulnerable to criminals.

Using the same password for all your online accounts is like using the same key for all your locked ports; if an attacker was to find out your password he would have the ability to access everything he owns; if criminals obtain, for example, they will try to enter your other accounts and steal or erase all your data or decide to impersonate them.

Here are some tips already left in the first part of our article: do not create passwords based on sequences; Do not use special dates, car registration numbers, names of people close to you; Avoid using passwords related to your tastes.

Weak Passwords

  • Joao123
  • Maria1990
  • Ange12la
  • A20ngola17

Strong Passwords

As we can see the examples, always try to create a password without sequence or without the need to remember something, rehearse it several times so you can mentalise it. The password can contain many letters, but if it is weak in it it is very easy to be broken.

We use so many online accounts that we need passwords, a solution to avoid reusing passwords or using weak passwords is to use a password manager, a password manager stores and encrypts all the different and complex passwords. The manager can then help you get into your accounts automatically,You only need to remember the master password to access the password manager and manage all your accounts and passwords.