Trump accuses Apple of refusing to unlock the criminals' iPhones


The problems between Apple and the US government regarding the unlocking of iPhones are not of today, the President <br><br>Donald Trump published a tweet which can turn a complicated situation into a direct confrontation between Apple and the U.S. Department of Justice - effectively claiming that Apple refuses to fulfill its patriotic duty to unlock two iPhones related to last month's shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida.

US Attorney General William Barr accused Apple of the same thing, saying the technology company had not provided "substantive assistance" to the FBI to unlock snipers' phones.

Apple says that unlocking an iPhone means weakening all iPhones.

To begin with, Apple claims that has continuously assisted the FBI with the phones of that shooting, providing data stored in backup from phones to servers iCloud and account information, as we reported yesterday. Apple says it delivered gigabytes data to investigators and respond to each request in a matter of hours. Apple also suggested that the FBI appeared to be satisfied until just eight days ago, saying that “the FBI only notified them on January 6 that it needed additional assistance - a month after the attack".


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