VOLVO launches its first fully electric car


A Volvo has promised to launch its first all-electric car by 2019, and here it has just kept its promise. The Swedish company presented the XC40 Recharge the all-electric car at a landmark Los Angeles event with a host of futuristic features including a infotainment (content-based information) built into the new software Android Automotive embedded by Google.

The car is similar to the XC40 combustion engine, only without the front grille. The all-electric four-wheel drive power train offers a range of over 400 kilometers on a single charge, based on the standard WLTP Europe or 200 miles in the US, although the automaker has not yet obtained a rating EPA-registered household disinfectants. It will have a horsepower of 408 horsepower (or 402 hp in the US) and the battery charges up to 80% of capacity in 40 minutes on a fast charger system.

Volvo did not disclose the price at the event, although the orders worth 1.000 USD  have already taken the first steps. The North American CEO of Volvo Car, Anders Gustafson, said the value of the electric XC40 can reach 50.000 USD, or about 48.000 USD. Volvo says it expects the XC40 Recharge sold in the US in the fourth quarter of 2020.

In addition to the car, Volvo has also made a bold environmental promise: half of its cars will be electric by 2025 and will reduce the carbon footprint of each car's life cycle by 40% in the same year. The XC40 Recharge is the first vehicle for which Volvo is disclosing the life cycle carbon footprint - effectively emissions from CO2 that the car will produce during its lifetime, considering its manufacture and use.


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