Part 2 - Tips for choosing a phone


Today I bring you the second part of Tips for Choosing a Phone, to emphasize that the tips presented here are only to be taken into account at the time of the acquisition, the final decision will always be yours and if you need more information or tips, just leave it in the comments! In the last post we talked about three points: Phones with keyboard or touch screen, Operating system and Battery life.

In today's post we will focus on: Resources and connectivity, Accessories and finally the Chamber.

1 - Connectivity features

You will miss out on most of your smartphone's features if you can't connect to the internet, so it's essential to check a device's connectivity features before you buy it. It is important that the device offers at least compatibility with at least three types of technology: 3G networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. The first, of course, allows you to use some internet access plan from your mobile operator, while the second allows you to use the wireless network at home or in a public place, especially since free Wi-Fi networks are available. increasingly common in places like restaurants, airports, shopping malls. Bluetooth is important so that you can share files with others or even use devices compatible with your phone, such as headphones. GPS (Global Positioning System). It is a feature that can be extremely useful when you travel by car or are in an unknown location.

It is also important that the apparatus has some form of wired communication, preferably USB. This makes it easier to transfer content from your computer to your smartphone, and vice versa. Fortunately, this type of door is increasingly common in appliances. You can even find smartphones with port HDMI, as the following images show:

HDMI Input Nokia N8
HDMI Input Motorola Droid MAxx









Many devices no longer need a specific HDMI input and the input for charging can be used for HDMI functionality.

2- Accessories

It is also important to note the accessories that come with your phone (smartphone) and which are offered separately. It is expected that the device will offer at least the following items: power charger, memory card and headphones.

It is also important to note the phone's USB connection. Many models offer mini-USB or micro-USB ports, which are quite small and therefore fit even in a slim device. Others, however, have exclusive connectors. The disadvantage of these is that if you lose or damage the cable, you will only get another one from the phone manufacturer. Prefer models that use mini-USB or micro-USB, as these connectors are standardized, so it is much easier (and cheaper) to find compatible cables.

Before buying the device, make sure that the manufacturer offers optional accessories that may interest you, such as protective covers, Bluetooth headsets, extra batteries, external keyboard, and more.

6 - Chamber

Practically all current phones offer cameras for photos, but it is important to check if the model you are interested in is capable of generating images with the minimum quality. For this, it is recommended to have a device with at least 8 megapixels and built-in flash to have photos with reasonable resolution. Also check if the device is capable of recording videos. These resources may not be interesting at first, but they can be useful for recording important or unusual situations where there is no digital camera nearby.

Many phones are also capable of making video calls, that is, calls where you hear and see the person on the other end of the line. One of the most famous is Skype. So, if you are interested in using this feature, check that the phone you are looking for has a small front camera (it’s not just for selfies). It is just so you can keep looking at the screen when making video calls.

Wrapping Up

Research a lot because it never hurts to give preference to products from renowned manufacturers in the mobility field and that offer a wide technical assistance network. It is not recommended to purchase smartphones that have a warranty of less than 12 months or that are offered at very low prices, unless this feature is part of a promotion from your telephone operator. Finally, beware of counterfeit phones. Generally sold illegally, devices in this condition may even look attractive because they have the same or even more features than the original models at an inviting price, but often have poor manufacturing quality

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