3 Reasons to "Leave" the Phone |


Today we will finish with the post series intended to awaken the awareness of our dear readers about the use of their devices in this latest post with more 3 three reasons to leave the phone:

dangerous driving

Makes Driving Dangerous

As if pedestrians were not headphones of ear in the road, we still have as aggravating drivers that make use of the route and still insist on using their telephones ignoring the danger that such act represents. It is assumed that the most cause of traffic accidents in Angola is the excessive consumption of alcohol, how many of these were caused by the use of the telephone is still to be analyzed in my point of view.

Damages eyes

The human eye is an incredible organ, unfortunately the use of phones (too much) has reduced the amount of long-distance focus we get, Laboratory experiments show that exposure to HEV light (the type that LCD phone displays produce) impairs the tissue of the retina and the closer to the display the greater exposure to light.


Finally, it is not exactly a motive but an alert, especially for parents, older siblings and responsible, regulate your use of electronic devices, especially children's, all care is little when the question is ours safety.

Until now with more news.


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