A new way of working in Africa


Happy new year to everyone, but first thing first, let me tell you something ...

Finding an ideal and affordable office has always been a nightmare for many entrepreneurs in Africa, including us. At 2014, when we started our first venture, the struggle to find office space without emptying our bank accounts, obviously ...

This was an alert for us; we saw the need and decided to do something about it. We take steps to help entrepreneurs find good and accessible workspaces through sharing, not just in Tanzania, but across the African continent. Our idea was further stimulated by the emergence of coworking spaces throughout Africa, and we decided to go further to study, understand and work with the coworking spaces. Our vision was to create the largest platform in Africa, where you can list, share, rent and reserve office spaces, coworking spaces, full service office spaces, conference rooms and meetings throughout Africa.

Our journey was not easy at all. Today we have "Worknasi" as the product that emerged from the initial idea of ​​the noble non-technological person. He was never an expert in technology; he did not have the resources to bring the idea to the realization, but he had a dream. Against all odds, we started with the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to test the idea while we researched more about it.

Advancing to February 2018, we created another improved platform, but after a few days we had to deactivate it again. We had to do this because we knew we could do more than what we did until then. From there, we had to search again specifically on the area of ​​the coworking space. We visited Nairobi and many other places, and met different owners and coworking space managers as a means of understanding their real needs from the platform, in addition to just listing their spaces.

We did research across the coworking ecosystem to understand the need. Our research has shown that the coworking ecosystem or space-sharing ecosystem is built upon the sense of community that the coworking spaces bring. In a coworking space, you can get services or provide services to other members of the coworking space and this is the best thing, especially for entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers. As an entrepreneur or freelancer, you can easily get your first customer in the coworking space. Our new Worknasi platform is built on these facts.

After a clear understanding of the market need of both sides of our users, in July 2018, we began to build the platform again. Our team of 6 developers and designers worked hard day and night to build a product that will meet Africa by global standards. We build the web platform in conjunction with Android mobile applications and IOS.

We are pleased to say that the new worknasi (worknasi.com) is now ready and operational. In this new platform, we are giving coworking owners a tool to manage their spaces and associations. Owners will be able to communicate with members, management of office reservations and meeting rooms, automatic membership billing, online sign-up payments (all cards, Paypal and mobile money) as well as analysis tools to understand space performance. This goes beyond listing a coworking and marketing space, but it is software to manage spaces as well.

For meeting room owners, Worknasi is the ideal tool for managing all of your meeting room reservations, both offline and online. Your users will check the availability of slots in the automated calendar, book and schedule meetings seamlessly within the platform, and pay for the reservation in just a few steps. So if you have a conference room or meeting in your private office, coworking, hotel or just a conference facility, you can list and market your facilities while enjoying the hassle free of handling reservations. And again, if you have your private office and have extra space, whether it's a single desk or a room, you can also list and generate extra revenue.

All the features described above are free, just create an account at worknasi.com, list your space and relax. We only receive a commission of reservations made through the platform.

For the community ...

Back in the community, whether you are an entrepreneur, a business or a startup, you can now access the online services of community members who provide services through Freelancing from across Africa.

Whether you need a logo, a website, software, legal advice, accounts or consulting / tax service or just someone to translate your document, you have coverage. Just go to worknasi.com and post your need as a job and await the proposals of the experts who work in the coworking spaces throughout Africa. You can also browse through some profiles and portfolios of freelancers and contact them and give them work. All communication can be seamlessly done within the platform, including chat and file sharing.

We guarantee the quality of work and the safety of your money as well, since we are acting as collateral to ensure that you get the quality work on time, before we pay the freelancer.
For freelancers and entrepreneurs, you already know that 2019 is the best year for you. Just go to worknasi, register as a freelancer, create the best profile and portfolio, get the workspace and get to work.

We promise to continue innovating and bringing the best services to you.