Africa: 75% of population is offline


A study revealed this Wednesday (01) by, which has the initiative of the Facebook to bring the Internet to low-income populations and isolated areas, points out that Africa accounts for 75% of the population disconnected to the internet.

Analysts have evaluated 75 countries on availability and quality of connection, price and competitive environment, internet policy and education of users and relevance of local content. In the survey, both Sweden and Singapore appeared at the top of the assessment. Soon after came the United States, United Kingdom and Japan.

The survey was carried out by the intelligence unit of the British magazine “The Economist” and was released during the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017) in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The report is based on market data, such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and interviews with industry experts.

What most calls attention in the research carried out is the question of social inequality that appears with a high level by the determined numbers. According to the survey, while in Europe 20% of people are offline, in the African continent, the record is 75%.

"These figures lead to several conclusions, but mainly demonstrate the work that exists to do with the governments of some countries and Africans mainly."

India and China, according to the survey, have 864,7 million and 660,9 million people disconnected from the internet, respectively. Surpassed by Brazil, which ranks tenth among the most disconnected countries in the world.

According to the Facebook initiative survey, about 4 billion people or more than half the world's population do not have access to Internet. Other countries with the largest disconnected population are: Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Mexico.

Free access to the Internet would create a space to solve the greater problems of African populations more quickly. It is up to the GSMA, and the International Telecommunication Union to make the governments of these countries understand the importance of this inclusion.


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