Africa Code Week is back in Angola in its 3ª edition


Last year, around 1,3 millions of young Africans learned to encode thanks to the initiative of Africa Code Week that also passed through Angola, and for this year the program returns in its third edition.

With about 12 853 young people engaged in Angola in the last two years, the Africa Code Week initiative is considered to have been a resounding success in the country and this is good evidence of the impact of public-private partnerships on training strategies in the digital age.

A initiative has already been embraced by the Ministries of Education (MED), Higher Education Sciences and Innovation (MESCTI) as well as Telecommunications and Information Technology (MTTI). Thanks to the exemplary collaboration of various governmental and private organizations, hundreds of teachers have been trained in Angola with practical content and learning materials that can be easily integrated into the school curriculum.

As in the past two years, Africa Code Week 2018 in Angola will take place in two phases:

The first will be 18 to September 19 and which consists of Training of Trainers and TeachersThe training sessions this phase will to be held at the Luanda Media Library (Largo das Escolas) and will be conducted by experts linked to the SAP company and a South African organization that is one of the Project's partners. In this training, with a duration of 3 hours per session, subjects on Computational Thinking will be taught, Scratch and Essential Skills for the 21 Century.

The second phase will take place between the 15 to 26 October 2018, in several provinces of the country and will consist of training children and youth in schools, churches and other places. These training actions will be provided by the trainers and teachers who were trained in the first phase.

On the other hand, the organization is also preparing a mini programming contest (“Hackaton") Which will take place during the month of October and its final session will be scheduled for 29 and 30 days. In this contest, all the national programmers who want to participate will be able to participate, being simply necessary that their applications are turned to the resolution of social problems. The rules of this competition will be announced in a timely manner in the coming weeks (ie before the end of September).


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