Africell is the fourth mobile operator in Angola


During the second quarter of 2019. Telstar came to be announced as the 4th mobile phone operator, a decision that was annulled by the current President of the Republic of Angola, because it was suspected that there was no transparency in the aforementioned public tender.

For better transparency, in the third quarter of the same year, the aforementioned public tender was reopened, which was being led by a working group headed by the Ministry of Finance (MINFIN) which has now just announced the winner of the said tender by prior qualification .

The telecommunications company Africell Holding SAL was determined by the working group to be licensed by the fourth unified global telecommunications operator. According to a press release from the Government working group, Africel Holding SAL must, within the next few days, present its technical and financial proposal.

According to a press release from the group formed by the Ministers of Finance, Telecommunications and Information Technologies and Economy and Planning, the process is in its 2nd phase of the Tender for the Provision of Public Service for Electronic Communications. On September 30, 2019, the application phase was opened, which ended on January 22, 2020.

Which companies participated in this public tender?

After holding the promotion and presentation sessions for the contest, which took place in the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Angola, three companies acquired the contest items, which are: MTN South Africa, the Africell Holding SAL Gambia and the BAI Investimentos de Angola, having the Africell submitted through the electronic platform of the National Public Procurement Service.

In the preparatory phase of the contest, the note reads, an analysis and identification of telecommunications operators with potential to participate in this contest was carried out, based on the geographies of operation, turnover, number of customers and international presence. Thus, 12 entities with operations established in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East were identified.

Of the identified entities, highlight to companies Africell, Bharti Airtel, Morocco Telecom, MTN, Telkom South Africa, Orange e Vodafone.

A Evaluation Committee, after having formally examined the application documents submitted by the candidate Africell Holding SAL, decided unanimously on its qualification and that the entity was invited by the Contracting Public Entity to present its proposal.

Correction: It is important to note here that, Africell is not yet the 4th mobile phone operator in Angola, but among the three companies that submitted proposals, the only one that was invited to submit a proposal is Africell, the other 2 being disqualified for now. So if Africell's proposal is accepted, then it will be officially confirmed as the fourth operator.


  1. Inforrmatic Engineer,
    Master in Computer Network Management and Communications Systems.

    Congratulations to the winning company, we hope that there will be more technologies and job opportunities with the operation of the fourth mobile operator in Angola.

    • Markecting technician, influencer of telecommunication materials I want a lot of strength and courage count on our support in everything that comes.

  2. We hope to bring news, n the unitel n country is for everyone, n xta n reach of all Angolan people, refills are very expensive.

  3. I hereby congratulate the fourth mobile operator, who in turn will provide more job opportunities to our young Angolans.

    • We expect candidates to be admitted to those who have training in computer engineering, telecommunications, marketing, human resources, management and accounting.

  4. Africel wish my congratulations, we hope that your services are available to all customers. He hopes that the Angolan population will open doors for jobs. Well be Africel Holding Sal.

    Best Regards.

  5. Until now, I still don't understand why Vodafone didn't compete for cheap. But let’s follow this process.

  6. I would like the hornets not to put obstacles to this intended new mobile operator. They have already proved that alone they are not able to support Angola and the Angolans! the least they have achieved is to strip the ten kz of the baked bombô and banana from the poor zungueira to buy a 40 min talk card for 10 dollars.
    May this network be welcomed by Angola's millions of unemployed, the final is part of the 500.000 promised jobs. or am i mistaken?

  7. Be very welcome, we hope that there are indeed considerable improvements in terms of technologies, prices and that you can employ many Angolans above all!

  8. Congratulations Africel for the achievements and technical work and more Technology, I want to be part of this great family to contribute…

  9. Congratulations Africcel for being part of the Angolan telecommunication, what we need and offering of your products as prices of trust and a stable network even in the communes and for all Angolan people.


  11. I am very happy that there are operators in the Angolan market. This improves the competition between IT companies for better quality and transparency regarding the commercialization of technological products and decreases the employability index in the country. Thank you very much so continue and count on the strength of young Angolans to o develop angola.


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