AirCar: Flying car takes a test trip


In 2015 they were already circulating information about flying car tests, a reality that begins to materialize about six years later, with a flying car (Air Car) to take a test trip between two airports.

For now it's just a prototype of a flying car. The test trip took place between the airport of Nitra and Bratislava, in Slovakia, and lasted 35 minutes. Stefan Klein, the model creator AirCar, was the man who was behind the wheel of the prototype.

Air Car traveled 35 minutes between airports…

The landing took place at 06:05 (05:05 Angola time) and it is at that moment that everything changes. with only one click with a button, the light aircraft turns into a sports car… and all this happens in about two minutes. With retractable wings and folding tail surfaces, the AirCar can work both on the road and in the sky, unlike some eVTOLs that cannot be driven like land vehicles.


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