America Express cards already accepted in Angola


After “Union Pay” cards started to be accepted in Angola, now the international brand cards American Express (AMEX) are now accepted at ATMs of the “multicaixa” network, managed by Empresa Interbancária de Serviços (EMIS).

With this “accreditation”, those who visit Angola will be able to withdraw money (Kwanzas) in local automatic multi-lanes, with American Express cards, according to a public note from EMIS. For EMIS, this announcement means that holders of an AMEX card will no longer need to convert the currency in their home country and travel with the large amount of physical money, as they will have quick access to the national currency through the multi-box network, using the card issued in your country of origin.

Second José de Matos (Chairman of the Executive Committee of EMIS), “This initiative has a very special meaning for EMIS, because it represents another step in the internationalization of the Angolan payment network, with the introduction of the simultaneous acceptance of American Express cards throughout the network. boxes in the country ”.

Yes, Allan Murray, vice president of American Express' global ATM network, said that it was opportune to enter the Angolan market with EMIS, which 100% completed the acceptance process for AMEX card boxes in the country.


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