Android 8.1 will rate the speed of Wi-Fi networks open before the connection


Good news for Android users: from Android 8.1, the speed of the Wi-Fi networks open nearby where the user is will be displayed clearly in order to help you decide whether you want to use the network or not.

The news was announced by Google, with the information that, you can decide whether or not it is worth to connect in a open wireless network. The Wi-Fi menu will give a “RATING” to Wi-Fi speeds: very fast, fast, ok ou slow.

For users who are only accessing social networks, the speed OK it will be a good size. The new option aims to save time and make life easier for users when choosing a stable network. In addition to this novelty, other interesting features were also included, which we will know in the coming days.

The system will continue to display the power of the Wi-Fi signal from the icon next to the network name. Finally, anyone wishing to disconnect the classification of public connections should access the advanced Wi-Fi settings.

These differences in speeds are related to the content that users can consume. That is, in a very fast network, you can do the streaming of high quality videos. On a fast network, you can upload videos too, only at a lower resolution.


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