Ango-Corona: control of coronavirus cases in Angola in real time


Recently, the term coronavirus (COVID-19:) is one of the best known, since it is a pandemic that has affected everyone in a short period of time, and that so far there is no vaccine. To combat the dissemination of information, several platforms have been developed in order to keep the population updated, and Angola has not escaped the rule, as it already has more than 3 platforms with reliable information on the current status of the coronavirus in the country.

One of the platforms that was created recently is the Ango-Corona, a real-time application to control coronavirus cases in Angola. Application / Website was developed with the aim of increasing the fast and reliable information channels on coronavirus cases in Angola. Its difference is, it brings a simple and objective interface without complications when it comes to showing confirmed cases, recovered and deaths. It is in the first version and little by little more functionality is being implemented that can help users during the pandemic we are in, if you want to test it click here.

On the platform it will be possible for users to view the number of infected, recovered, and deaths, the same was created by the young Angolan Daniel Lufupa.


  1. Very good initiative. Congratulations!
    Incorporating a Geospatial system for locations of possible community contamination. We would have a geostatistics.


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