Angola Cables recorded 170% growth in traffic


Angola Cables is an Angolan multinational that needs no introduction, since it has a platform that is among the three largest traffic exchange points on the African continent, and its platform has 19 active members who exchange traffic with each other.

During the first quarter of 2020, Angola Cables recorded a 170% growth in traffic on its IP network, when compared to the same period last year. Although a significant part of this growth can be attributed to the increase in demand following the blocking regulations imposed by many governments to curb the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), additional traffic also resulted from the opening and updating of points of presence in major markets global and local traffic exchanges in recent months.

According to António Nunes (CEO of Angola Cables), “the addition of more access points to our network offers us a broader market coverage and better aggregation of content that can be delivered to our partners and customers at lower latencies” . He also stressed that these incidents served to underline the importance of service providers having adequate redundancy and continuity measures to minimize the impact of these interruptions and the reduction of service capacities for the final customer. The high volume of traffic generated on the network has been predominantly centered in the Atlantic region on the sub-cable connections SACS, Monet, which connects Africa to Brazil and the USA.

Angola Cables expects to see a significant change in work processes and in the way countries, communities and companies will connect in the coming weeks and months. International wholesale operators will need to step up and provide adequate provisions to protect and manage their networks, as demand for capacity and data reaches record levels of use and consumption.


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