Angola ranks 3rd with the most cryptocurrency mining operations in Africa, report says


A Cambridge University released its ranking of cryptocurrency mining systems around the world, where Angola got a total Bitcoin hash rate of 0,04% for the month of August, and which is the third highest on the African continent.

Taking into account the situation of cryptocurrency mining, namely Bitcoins, our country is second only to Egypt and Libya, which have a total hash rate of 0,17% and 0,10% respectively, according to the prestigious report. Still talking about the numbers in our country, the result for the month of August represents a decrease compared to the previous month, which had a hash of 0,05%

To complete the Top 5 of our continent, appear South Africa with a hash of 0,02% and Morocco with 0,01%.

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The United States is the leading country in cryptocurrency mining operations, with a 35% hash, which experts say is the result of the fact that China has banned mining in the country, that is, the Asian country's miners were eventually forced to find other solutions and therefore began to migrate their mining systems to the United States.

Still talking about China, the share regarding the hash rate dropped from 44% in May to 0% in early July 2021. As a comparison, if we go back to September 2019, China's control in this sector was 75,53, XNUMX%. In other words, we are talking about an extremely significant drop.

About the University of Cambrige data, to inform that they are obtained taken to geolocational mining, and updates are scheduled monthly, subject to data availability (usually with a delay of one to three months). All changes and updates are listed in the Change Log.

It should also be noted that all information in that same Ranking is based on an exclusive sample of data from the main geolocational mining facilities collected in partnership with, Poolin, ViaBTC and Foundry.


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