Angola has more than 50 Internet Service Providers


The Minister of Information and Social Communication Technologies, Manuel Man said in an interview with Jornal de angola that Angola has more than 50 Internet Service Providers (ISP).

"The number of operators with multiservice licenses must exceed 50, those who actually have titles. ” With regard to price-quality, the minister said that it has a lot to do with the way each operator manages its companies. “What is important to clarify is that our country does not have an Internet deficit."

According to the minister, the essential policies for operators to provide a better service were created. The sub-sector has liberalized access to this type of infrastructure since 2007. This liberalization has been taking place for a long time, that is, the State no longer needs to worry about the final service. We opened it up so that other entities could do this service.

Manuel Homem said that many companies that decide to be Internet Service Providers do not follow, afterwards, a series of basic assumptions of business management. "You make a call to a customer, but don't worry about whether the service is in good condition, if the connection is good, and we give the citizen a perception that we don't have enough quality to deliver the service, on the one hand."

“Another phenomenon that we can also highlight is the technological architecture that is used to provide the service. And this is important because if I don’t have a technological architecture in condition, use the right equipment, the end customer will have difficulties and will say that the quality is terrible ”.

Another indicator that we have to consider is the offer of services, the number of service providers. But once, the major Internet service providers in the country should not exceed five, but the sector has liberalized and, today, we have 50 or more authorized Internet service providers.



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