[Angola] Make payments online without VISA card, using the service "Kwanza Online"


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Angola is coming quietly into an era when online shopping is becoming a favorite for many users. Thanks to services such as PayPal, where we can associate a VISA / Mastercard to an online account, other countries have managed to popularize this type of purchases immensely. The explanation is simple, they can easily have money available on the internet to buy apps, movies, music and other products.

How many people in Angola have a VISA card?

Well, there begins to make the situation difficult for companies that want to sell their products online. Most of them accept the customers' request and then process the payment with a TPA (Automatic Payment Terminal). What if there was a way to get past that barrier? What if people could send money online even without a VISA card?

The staff of the Angolan startup “Investments”Decided to solve this problem with an online payment service in Kwanzas that does not require the user to have a VISA card. The service is called “Kwanza Online”.

According to the official description, Kwanza Online works as follows:

The system processes your money deposited in the bank account and relates it to your Kwanza Online account. When made available, the user has the possibility to be able to make purchases online in e-commerce systems (virtual stores) that accept this type of payment, to send money to users who have an account hosted in the KO, all this using indicator of their e- mail address. (read more details here)

To date two projects already accept payments with the Kwanza Online service:

  • Sendout , to send SMS to any operator in the world
  • Online Balance, which will allow you to top up your mobile phone or ZAP subscription, NetOne from your computer

We did a test for Kwanza Online

  1. To get started, create your account at: https://www.kwanzaonline.co.ao/ , choose what type of account you want to create Staff ou Merchant (if you do not have an online store, choose the personal option)
  2. fill the form with your data and wait for confirmation via email
  3. Once your account is created, point the Kwanza Online bank account number where you will deposit the money you want online. To know the accounts of Kwanza Online, please click here, then choose the "How do I get my money online?"
  4. With payment made, digitize(scaneie) the proof and send
  5. You will receive an email to confirm that your account is loaded.

Kwanza Online Payment

In the following articles we will show you how to shop online with your Kwanza Online account.

For now, create the account and if you have any questions, read the “How does Kwanza Online work?"

Explanatory video:

For LessFios.com


  1. with the appearance of the “KO” service, I believe that our problems have been solved. we always had the need to make an online purchase and the main player was in the form of payment.

    Congratulations on the article.

  2. Greetings.
    Before thanking you for the work done, as we were already concerned with this situation in our country.

    The situation that leads me to write: I tried to register but I can't. The dialog box says that I should put a more complex password and I try to do that, but without results.

    What is a complex password for the KO website?

    • A complex password, needs to have at least 8 characters, letters (upper and lower case), numbers and special characters. Example: [email protected]?

      Remember that we are talking about a service that will save your money online, you need to be secure and one of the ways to ensure security is to provide secure passwords for the user.

      Any questions, I advise you to visit the Startup page responsible for the process: https://www.facebook.com/kwanzaonline?fref=ts


  4. I wonder if it will be possible for me to receive money from my Paypal account for Kwanza Online?

  5. Hello
    Is this site n you can make money transaction from paypal, payeer
    , payoneer?
    And other :
    You can only send money on the site and can you withdraw?


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