AngoTIC 2019: Former Cape Verde Prime Minister defends internet access


The former Prime Minister of Cape Verde, José Maria Neves, defended today, during the Forum and Global Exhibition of Information Technologies and Communication (Angotic 2019), that Angola, and all African countries, although some more than others, should intensify digital inclusion.

José Maria Neves understands that, in the case of Angola and the African continent in general, "Internet access must be guaranteed on all sides at a very low cost." The executive who spoke during the first panel of the forum where the subject under discussion was a strategy for digital transformation.

"You need internet in schools, in public places, in hospitals and in all public institutions at a very low cost because the technology enables better service delivery and greater transparency."

The former Prime Minister of Cape Verde cited the example of his country that guaranteed access to the internet in all schools, which in some ways made possible the emergence of other products and services based on technology

Regarding strategies for digital transformation, the main processes of disruptive innovation have originated already established companies. These companies looked to their own businesses and succeeded in transforming them in order to take advantage of the competitive advantage.

However, this process has been extended to all organizations and societies in general, considering that digital transformation is not limited to e-commerce or the transition from paper to the cloud - experts even question whether the term "digital" is appropriate to address the phenomenon, since very soon the boundaries between "digital" and "physical" will no longer make sense.