Will Apple Build Autonomous Cars?



Information has emerged that the Apple has in its portfolio the project to build a car, which has not yet been officially confirmed. But apparently the company may have a surprise, since the company sent a letter to National Road Safety Administration of the United States, recognizing that the company is “excited” about automation in several fields, including transportation.

This letter shows that Apple wants to test self-driving technology in cars, and hopes to address ethical and regulatory issues. The company believes that the industry should share collision data (and close to collision) to improve security, for example, but that "should not come at the cost of privacy."

Apple confirmed the main message of the letter: the company wrote to NHTSA because it is “investing heavily in automatic and autonomous learning systems” and wants to help shape “best practices” for self-driving cars.

So there's no longer any doubt that Apple is interested in cars without a driver, but there's no guarantee that its technology gets to production cars in the first place, much less that we can soon see something of the Apple brand on the road.


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