Apple plans to buy Jay-Z's TIDAL



According to some rumors coming from Wall Street Journal  Apple is in talks to acquire the TIDAL music streaming service from the renowned American rapper Jay Z. According to some people familiar with the matter, the talks are said to be exploratory and "cannot result in an agreement", but Apple is considering purchasing to strengthen its service Apple Music.

TIDAL was released on 2014 and was acquired by Jay Z in January of 2015. The same is a subscription music service that provides high quality audios and high definition music videos. The service offers two levels of service, a standard premium option for 9,99 USD per month and HiFi for 19,99 USD per month. Currently TIDAL has 4,2 millions of paying subscribers.

One of the characteristics that both services have is that TIDAL follows a business model similar to that of Apple Music, as it does not have a free subscription option. In recent months several releases have been made exclusively on the platform of Jay Z, as is the case of the albums of Kanye West and Beyoncé.

TIDAL in Angola

In Angola, the service with the seal “Jay Z of quality” is not as successful as, for example, Spotify or even Apple Music. If the purchase is actually made, Apple may be able to give its magic touch. Basically, we know that all services whose payment has to be made via VISA (and in foreign currency), have little chance of revenge. Hence the success of applications aimed at the domestic market, such as Kisom.

But the question is, if Apple has already bought Beats Electronics, why would you want to bet your chips on TIDAL?


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