Apple joins data transfer project with Google, Facebook and Twitter


Just over a year after its official launch, the Data Transfer Project announces a new set of partners and features. Apple today announced that it will join the project by developing systems to bring data in and out of iCloud.

Apple will create systems that will make it easier to add and remove data from iCloud like Google Takeout and the tool for accessing Facebook information, which is compatible with each other and allows data to be downloaded to your hard drive.

Eventually, the data transfer project hopes that the data can be transferred directly from one service to another without the need to download the data first. Since the launch of the project in July 2018 with Twitter, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, 18 employees from a combination of partners and the open source community have inserted more than 42.000 lines of code and changed more than 1.500 files, and new structure features and APIs have been added.

So far, most of that work is at the end, but there may be more consumer-oriented products coming soon. In a statement, Google sparked new user-oriented projects that may be available soon.


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