Most played artists, songs, genres and playlists on Spotify in Angola


On March 18, 2021 it was announced here that the Spotify was officially available in Angola, thus giving Angolan users the possibility to install the application without the need to resort to a VPN or use an international account to gain access to one of the largest online platforms. streaming musical.

Since then, it is believed that a large number of users had access to the platform, but what would be important here is to show which artists, songs, genres and playlists are most played by users in Angola in the first three months. The Spotify team, through Spotify's New Markets Communications Officer, has officially released this information and the results may surprise you…

The most played local artist in Angola is the group trinity 3nity, and your song “INDECIPHERABLE” is also the most played local song. Furthermore, Portugal is the largest export country for the most played local artists in Angola.

The following is a complete list of what the platform users in Angola consumed, from February 25th to May 25th, 2021:

International Artists

  1. Drake
  2. Justin Bieber
  3. giveon
  4. pop smoke
  5. The Weeknd
  6. Travis Scott
  8. Ariana Grande
  9. Matue
  10. J. Cole

musical genre

  1. Pop
  2. pop rap
  3. dance pop
  4. Rap
  5. Trap


  1. Daniel Caesar, Giveon, Justin Bieber – Peaches (feat. Daniel Caesar & Giveon)

  2. Giveon – Heartbreak Anniversary

  3. Matuê, Ceiling – M4

  4. Lil Nas X – MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)

  5. DJ Coolio – Sim

  6. Anderson .Paak, Bruno Mars, Silk Sonic – Leave The Door Open

  7. 6LACK, Lil Tjay – Calling My Phone

  8. Trinity 3nity - UNDECIFRABLE

  9. Card B - Up

  10. Don Toliver, Gunna, Internet Money, NAV – Lemonade (feat. Gunna, Don Toliver & NAV)

local artists 

  1. trinity 3nity
  2. Anselmo Ralph
  3. Trx Music
  4. C4 Pedro
  5. Paulelson
  6. Kelson Most Wanted
  7. Matthias Damásio
  8. Rui Orlando
  9. Paulo Flores
  10. Gerilson Israel

local gender 

  1. Angolan music
  2. Angolan rap
  3. Kizomba
  4. Semba
  5. Portuguese Pop

local music

  1. Trinity 3nity - UNDECIFRABLE
  2. Soarito – Melanina
  3. Edmázia Mayembe – Secret
  4. Gerilson Insrael – African
  5. Anna Joyce – Pure
  6. Twenty20 – Drama 'in Geneva
  7. Txio Nelly and DOUBLE J - RICH
  8. Ingomblock – Juice
  9. Trinity 3nity – Crash Crooked
  10. C4 Pedro – Our Things (feat. Ary)


  1. Today's Top Hits
  2. Mega Hit Mix
  3. Top Gaming Tracks
  4. rapcaviar
  5. Dancing Kizomba
  6. All Out 10s
  7. Are & Be
  8. Sleep
  9. Chill Hits
  10. Party Hits

Main Exporting Countries of Local Artists

  • trinity (3nity)
  1. Portugal
  2. UK
  3. USA

  • Anselmo Ralph
  1. Portugal
  2. France
  3. Switzerland

  • Trx Music
  1. Portugal
  2. Brazil
  3. UK

So, were you surprised by the list?



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