BAI Bank adopts WhatsApp service


Gradually in Angola, private institutions and not only, start to adopt a “Digital” behavior, as an example of this, we started to see some of them allowing their users to consult services via WhatsApp.

After we have seen the National Social Security Institute adopt the WhatsApp for consultation of contributions, now we have just seen BAI Bank go the same way to allow its customers a service without the need to travel.

How does BAI service work via WhatsApp?

The customer must record the 924 100 100 number in their contacts, and then send a message via WhatsApp, then receive an automatic message with the services you want to use, and what your number is in the queue.

What services will customers be able to consult?

  1. BAI Direct;
  2. Cards;
  3. TPA's;
  4. E-kwanza;
  5. Complaints;
  6. Claims;
  7. Institutional site;
  8. End service.

Therefore, customers can currently use this channel to take some doubts regarding these 8 points referenced above. It is also important to note that the service is only available at the time of, 8h00 through 17h00 from Monday to Friday.


  1. Good morning and good mood dear. I hereby request the credentials for my Bai Direito application.
    BI No. 005303656UE049.
    Account No.: 973619781013/3.
    Phone Number: 936189639

    I would appreciate it ...


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