BDQ-Mobile & Txapita sign partnership to solve urban mobility problems in Mozambique


This Wednesday, in Maputo, BDQ -Mobile, a Mozambican mobile phone and telecommunications accessory brand and Txapita, an intelligent digital exchange system for Public Passenger Transport and Urban Mobility, signed a memorandum of understanding in the Txapita System. as a native application on all BDQ smartphones and mobile devices with a manufacturing date after June 30, 2020.

The application "Txapita”Which allows passengers to have the location of their bus and the forecast of their arrival at the stop, while also adding the possibility to monitor the situation of Road Traffic in real time from the Urban Mobility Forum, thus gaining an ally to reach more users in Mozambique.

This agreement assumes that Txapita's technical team will work exclusively with BDQ's computer equipment in its development environment, allowing it to optimize levels of scientific productivity and increase operational efficiency in-house.

And because the partnership encompasses the development of integrated Marketing solutions, the agreement also provides for the weekly sponsorship of exclusive BDQ products in raffles for new Txapita users and awards for more active users at the Road Traffic Forum.

The Structural Public Transport Network of Maputo incorporated in the Txapita system comprises six corridors, 73 metropolitan routes, more than 389 buses and has a mobility flow of 230.000 passengers / day.


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