BLOCKS - Build your own Smartwatch.


Today's proposal is very interesting and it is ChooseBlocks, build your own smartwatch! Let's start:

Watch Core: The key piece for your smartwatch, built with a stylish display, high capacity battery and a powerful processor.
Modular Design: Customizable technology around your needs. Add new skills or upgrade to existing skills to expand your Smartwatch features.

The Module

Each module has a special feature. Just choose what you need and make your own unique device.

BLOCKS is an open platform that will allow other companies to develop their own modules (games, health, experimental, etc.), nowadays the consumer "is forced" to discard a technology (such as a smartwatch) to every year, going a little against a very important purpose of the clocks which is the duration of it.

Now it's simple: why buy a new smartwatch when you can just change a feature? BLOCKS evolves with the technology and so new modules will be made available continuously ensuring that it is always connected with the latest technology.

The project is on the Kickstarter and already has a fund of more than 731.000 USD to go into production. If you want to buy one, know prices start in 196 USD and go up to 7.800 USD, click here .


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