Does not support the BPC queues? Use the SMS Banking service


Certainly the majority of Angolans know the famous floods that are verified in the BPC (Bank of Savings and Credito), and many should not have the time or patience to take such rows. To prevent this, the bank has a service that can facilitate its customers.

What is BPC SMS Banking?

It is a service in which Banco BPC notifies by SMS (short and instant messaging service) at the customer's request the current balance available in your account.

How it works?

The customer must complete the membership form indicating the agreement of all conditions of the product, as well as the mobile phone to send the SMS.

Conditions of Membership:
  • Application form;
  • Copy of Identity Card;
  • Taxpayer Card.
How to Consult?

Send an SMS to 935545300 ou 43210 with the codes below:

Kind of service



Account balance AB + Account Suffix


Movements TH + Account Suffix


IBAN IB + Account Suffix


Currency table TC + Account Suffix


It is important to note that by subscribing to this service, the Savings Bank discounts the customer quarterly the amount of 500,00 Kz for commissions. For additional information, go to any counter in the hotel today. Savings and Credit Bank.

NOTE: This service is available to all BPC customers.


  1. Hello good afternoon I only the Sundays flag and I need to have the BPC net on my phone, I went to the bank many times to Adir they are just saying that we don't have a system 😭😭😭😭 I can't do it online to be easier do staying with me give many turns?


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