Brazil approves project that requires mobile phones to have FM radio


No Brazil, the Commission of Science and Technology, Communication and Informatics of the Chamber of Deputies approved the mandatory requirement that mobile telephones imported, manufactured or assembled in the country contain the functionality of receiving radio signals on FM modulated frequency.

The text approved is the substitutive presented by Deputy Paulo Magalhães (PSD-BA) to the Bill 8438 / 17, by Deputy Sandro Alex (PSD-PR). Deputy Sandro Alex argues that approximately 97% of the mobile phones produced in the world have FM radio receiver, but only 34% have the feature activated.

The absence of the FM radio receiver obliges the consumer to acquire a heavy data packet for access to streaming transmissions, a technology that is more susceptible to transmission instability.

Cellular telephony devices that are imported, manufactured or assembled in the country must contain the functionality of reception of radio frequency signals in Modulated Frequency ”. The feature should be compatible with the Brazilian standard, which will soon have an extended range from 76,1 to 107,9 MHz, informed the committee.

"The radio has very peculiar characteristics. I emphasize here its importance in moments of catastrophe, such as floods and torrential rains. Broadcasting systems are very resilient to these events”- said deputy Paulo Magalhães.

In Angola, would a similar law be beneficial to end users?


  1. Brazil has too many useless laws, too many regulations, too many taxes and so on ... That is why it will take a long time for the country to develop fully. The decision would be the manufacturer's, the consumer has the power to choose nobody is obliged to buy a smartphone…


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