Whatsapp gap can allow them to detect the location of users


iPad Mini With Whatsapp

after the recent events that have shaken the world of digital security, now any related failure has a greater impact.

O Whatsapp, who is not a novice in terms of security breaches, just suffered another “accusation”: when users share the location, it may be intercepted by third parties.

The discovery was made by researchers from the University of New Haven, who realized that by sharing the user's position (latitude + longitude), using Google Maps, Whatsapp does not protect data traffic, that is, whoever captures that communication, will know exactly where the user is.

It may seem small, but it's a loophole that puts users' privacy at risk. This gap is expected to be fixed in future updates, but the advice is, if you want to preserve your privacy, do not share your WhatsApp location.

The researchers made a video showing how they were able to detect the flaw:

[Via]: TechTudo


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