Broadband network already in operation in Cabinda


The Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication, Manuel Man, inaugurated, last Saturday (08/05), in Cabinda, the terrestrial fiber optic cable, with the connection point in the Yema border 17 kilometers south of the city.It is a line of about 800 kilometers, which connects the province of Cabinda to the rest of the country and border regions, in an optical fiber route from Luanda to Noqui (Zaire), in partnership with RNT-RDC, passing through the Congolese city and villages of Matadi, Boma and Muanda, in partnership with the company Liquid Telecom, which operates in this neighboring country.

After Massabi's optical fiber connection point, also visited yesterday by the Holder of the Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication Portfolio, the province now has two optical fiber connection infrastructures that in general, they will improve the communications system in Cabinda, invaded by telecommunications signals from the Republic of Congo and the DRC.

Manuel Homem said that this project will bring to Cabinda a significant change in the panorama of electronic communications, integrating the province with the national broadband network, with physical infrastructures that connect this point to the rest of the country.

“The project that we see today materialized, represents an important milestone for the sector because it signals a set of practical actions that we have been carrying out”, he said, adding that it brought a significant change to the electronic communications landscape for Cabinda. According to him, Minister Manuel Homem, with this connection, Cabinda, is now part of the national broadband communications network, with physical infrastructures that connect this point to the rest of the country. 

National and international operators that operate in the telecommunications sector, companies linked to the branches of economic development in the oil sector or others that invest in that location, now have with this infrastructure the ability to be able to connect and check the higher quality of the services they develop.

The governor of Cabinda province, Marcos Alexandre Nhunga, stated that the inauguration of the fiber optic cable on the Yema border in Cabinda, representing a historic moment for the province, because the region, now has a better quality and speed in the interconnections, from now on. ”Cabinda is benefiting because it is the first time that through optical fiber it connects with the country”, he said, considering it to be a step whose region will be easier.


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