For the first time Android devices outperform iOS in mobile navigation



Everyone knew that day would come, they just did not know exactly when. But now there is data to confirm that in July (finally) devices with Android operating system were responsible for mobile Internet traffic greater than that generated from iOS devices.

The data was revealed by the company NetMarketShare, which is a specialist in this sector of statistics and relies on the data of its (many) customers to measure which operating systems and browsers are most used to access the sites.

Let's go to the data:

  • Devices Android : 44,62%
  • Devices iOS: 44,19%.

iOS and Android are able to occupy 89% of mobile web access. Android devices started to gain a lot of ground during 2014, since in September 2013, Android's share was 29%, while iOS devices occupied 54% smashers.

As for the other operating systems:

  • Devices with Java ME (used on low-cost phones): 4,19%
  • Symbian (2,57%),
  • Windows Phone (2,49%)
  • BlackBerry (1,21%)

By this statistic we can see that Microsoft still has a long way to go, but this path begins to be promising with the launch of devices with a lower price.

[Source]: NetMarketShare


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