You can celebrate! Start button will be back on Windows 8.1 ...

Windows8 Start Menu Screen
Windows8 Start Menu Screen

… most likely.

Yes, do not celebrate yet, there is no confirmation, but the possibility of having the “start button” in the next version of Windows 8, also known as Windows Blue, it's big.

If you remember, Microsoft removed the button and the start menu, because, according to them, users didn’t need that, since in the “Metro” interface, the Windows 8, would have all essential programs available quickly. After the release, Microsoft felt the weight of the truth and users did not evaluate positively the new operating system.

The good news is that the button should have the Windows 8 logo design. The bad news is that, according to rumors, there will be no Start menu taking the user to the home screen. Another interesting point is that the Microsoft productsapparently you should leave a system configuration option, to start with the traditional interface, or the “modern” interface, optimized for mobile devices.

Rumors are expected to be true, users are true.

Windows 8.1 is expected (anxiously) in June or July.

[Via]: Info


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