Luanda Science Center comes to boost national scientific knowledge


The Luanda Science Center (CCL) will boost scientific and technological knowledge in Angolan civil society, according to the Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria do Rosário Bragança.

The minister who was speaking at the inauguration of the new Singular Management Bodies of the CCL, said that although there are museums with this scope, the technological center will bring a different dynamic with regard to the dissemination of science in populations, mainly of age and level training for every citizen.

Maria do Rosário Bragança also stressed that science must be experienced and recognized as something basic in everyday life, advancing the government's objective of creating a network of science centers, with a view to popularizing science.

On the other hand, the general director of CCL, Domingos da Silva Neto, informed that the respective innovative center will do everything for the materialization of national scientific education, in particular for children and young people.

BUT: Luanda Science Center will be the first Science and Technology Center in Angola

It should be noted that the Luanda Science Centre, whose organic status was approved on October 7, 2021, has as its background the pursuit of the objectives of the National Science, Technology and Innovation policy, adopted by the Angolan Government, by carrying out activities dissemination or popularization of scientific knowledge.

Its objective is to raise the scientific and technological literacy of the population, in general, and of children and young people in particular. The CCL will have spaces for the dissemination of Angolan culture, history, fauna, as well as areas for chemistry, physics, mathematics and electricity experimentation.

It will also include the areas of the planetarium, the dinosaur, the butterfly house, laboratories, library and a soap factory so that users, essentially children, learn, even playing, the production process of this good.

Located downtown in the Angolan capital, in the old soap factory, in Largo do Baleizão, the institution, still under construction, may open its doors to the public in July 2023.


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