Charging your phone in the car damages the battery?


Surely many Angolans nowadays carry their phones in the car, this happens for many reasons, one of them is certainly the lack of energy in our homes, other people have their reasons.

But to a certain extent, have we ever wondered how harmful this could be to the batteries of our phones? Some people argue that charging the phones in the car actually damages the battery.

According to some information, charging the phone at the USB in modern cars should not cause concerns regarding battery life, since the energy provided by this interface is very controlled and free of spikes since very sensitive and precise components of the circuit are part of the circuit.

What if we use the cigarette lighter charger?

Regarding this aspect, it depends on the quality of the same (usually the cheap is expensive). It should be taken into account if the equipment does not get very hot, since normally, when used as GPS system and exposed to the sun, it tends to have a greater heating which is not very good for the batteries of the telephones.

In terms of current in the USB interface, there are cars that have 500 mAh, 1000 mAh and there are already some that have 2,1A.

In this case, everything depends on the telephone in question, the cables or adapters to be used, since nowadays, most of the technologies are adapted to function properly.


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