Chromecast has been Refurbished


Chromecast New

On 24 September 2015 was held the Google Event in which they presented the latest news that Google will leave soon, and to the surprise of many was presented the New Chromecast greatly refurbished from the look to the technology of the same .

According to Google it was necessary to expand the limitation that the previous device presented as: Lack of WiFi connection and the possibility to touch only Columns and Mobile devices.

Check out the new Chromecast changes:


Previously the chromecast had a design similar to a Pendrive, the new Chromecast has a design totally different from the previous one and with the possibility of different colors as shown in the images below:








Monitoring Application:

The monitoring application has also undergone changes, because it is now possible to do personalized searches for films, and to find the result in several streaming services that were not possible in the previous application.

Chromecast Audio:

This is one of the great news in the update that was made, since previously this device only allowed the connection with the TV, now you can use in mobile phones and speakers.

Here's how the new Chromecast works:


The new device costs 39 US Dollars, 4 Dollars more than the previous device, to buy Online click on BUY .

buy-chromecast-lightboxWhat did you like the most about the new Chromecast?


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