Is clubhouse the social network of the future or is it the fashion of the moment?


In recent times social networks like the Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat among others, they have dominated social networks, ending up with a large share of the international market to the detriment of the existing ones, but with each passing day, new social networks appear, some end up establishing themselves in the market, others not so.

Recently the aforementioned greats have been confronted with a new player on the market which is the Clubhouse, and as it is said in the slang in Angola “It is fashionable” for Apple users, who at the moment are the only ones who have access to this application.

Example of a home page at ClubHouse on the right, and on the left a chat room.


The other applications that already exist on the market allow users to exchange text messages, photos, audio, create groups, stories, other resources, but the Clubhouse brought a totally different concept, a social voice network, where the only communication resource between users is real-time voice chat.

Privacy and Security

All social networks have their privacy and security policies, but in relation to the Clubhouse, so far, it seeks to keep the conversations within the application, thus ruling out the possibility of the conversations existing in the “Rooms” of conversations, ending up outside. The application has several usage rules, and some of them are:

  • To have access to the application, you must be invited by a user, if you are not invited, and you decide to register in the application one of the users who is already in the application will have to accept you in the application in order to have access.
  • If one of the users you have invited or accepted in the application violates the rules, both can be banned from the application (Expelled).
  • Users are not allowed to make a video recording of the screen of the conversation, so what is addressed within the platform, dies within the social network.


The arrival of Clubhouse it sure sparked competition, rumors are already circulating that some of the big ones are implementing identical features on that platform, and recently Twitter ended up offering a new feature called “Twitter Spaces“, Which is the latest new competitor in the Clubhouse.

This is the social network for those who like to chat and share ideas in real time, so it ends up being the synonym for the future if most platforms end up adapting, and if the platform ends up reaching the Android system, which has the largest share of the market when it comes to smartphones, so it may end up dictating the rules of social networks in the future.


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