Coincheck promises to return users' money after one of the biggest robberies in history



With the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, "digital evildoers" have found a real gold mine. On 26 January, the stock exchange Crypto Coins Coincheck Inc., which is headquartered in Tokyo, has suffered an overwhelming attack. According to the company's statement, about 46 billion yen ($ 425 million) they were stolen.

Stolen coins are called NO (most people know about Bitcoin, but there are many more similar currencies). At this moment the NEM occupies the 10 position at the highest market value in the world.

260 thousand coin owners were affected and according to Coincheck, will return the amounts to the affected, in Japanese Yen. It is now necessary to disclose how and when this will be done.

The amount to be returned represents almost 90% of the 58 billion yen in NOR coins that the company lost. After identifying the attack, Coincheck reported that it suspended on the same Friday the withdrawals of all criptomoedas, with the exception of bitcoin.

Harder legislation

Japan already anticipated this explosion of cryptocurrencies and began to require cryptocurrency exchange operators to register with the government, but since this registration started only in April 2017, existing operators, such as Coincheck, were allowed to continue to offer their services pending approval.

This will serve as a warning for the other cryptmoedas bags.


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