With NGA, Yola Araújo and more: Angolan app reveals the most played songs of 2022


Songs are part of our routine and some songs become “soundtrack” in our ears in a certain period of time.

It is on this path that the play playmusic streaming service Angolan which allows you to access thousands of songs and listen to them wherever you are and in any part of the world, released the list of the most listened tracks in 2022.

#1 NGA, Madkutz – RNV

#2 Yola Araújo – Speak Only

#3 Halison Passion – National Heritage

#4 NGA, Madkutz – Why It's Like This

#5 Francisco Doceta – Emanuel

#6 Dange – Guy More Guy

#7 NGA, Madkutz – If You Had Told Me

#8 Mizzy Miles – God Mode

#9 NGA, MAdkutz – Like Me

#10 DJ Sipoda -Lua

ToquePlay is a streaming application that has been available since March 2022 in the BETA version, where in recent times some test versions have been released to a critical public, and on October 7 the most stable version was finally released to the general public. .

"The Vámany things that exist in the world,ós we made a choice... música! whyê música? Why notówe love música, whyúand that é life inãOhá life without músic! Múand that é happiness, é art, é Peaceão, é nostalgia, é love and é all that we brought when we nós at Toque Media, we decided to offer you ToquePlay“, said Célio Garcia, Creator of ToquePlay and Director General of Toque Media, Lda, Startup that owns the platform.

ToquePlay is currently available on the Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS (iPhones), where you can download it by clicking on here.



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