Chinese company demonstrates passenger transport by drones


It is inevitable, unmanned means of transportation will end up gaining your space. Be it with stand-alone cars or drones to transport people or goods.


The company Ehang had demonstrated during the CES 2016 of its autonomous drones, using the slogan “The future of individual transport”. This autonomous drone would be able to transport people at a speed of 130 km / h.

For those who thought the company had given up, it comes back 2 years later, with more concrete results. In the video released by the company, it is possible to see Drone Ehang 184 - one and two places - flying over rural China and in challenging atmospheric conditions.

The figures released by the company

  • 184 people have already used the vehicle
  • 40 passengers were filmed enjoying the maneuvering areas

The Ehang 184 is, according to the company, capable of carrying a single person up to 130 km / h and under storm conditions.

How does the Drone recognize the route?

The route is preprogrammed. A touch screen, which runs Google Maps, is used to determine the destination of the passenger who will be traveling without a pilot. Ehang plans to create command centers around the world to make navigation safer.


Ehang has not yet revealed will be made commercial launch its drone. According to projections, the price should be between US $ 200 thousand and US $ 300 thousand when it eventually reaches the market.

See Drone in action:

Remember that in Dubai the tests are also ongoing, in a partnership between Ehang and local authorities.


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