COVID-19: Application launched to allow self-diagnosis in Angola


Currently, several countries have adopted preventive measures to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus (Mesures COVID-19), the more people are informed and in social isolation, the less likely they are to be contaminated. For this, the young Angolan student in the Computer Science course, Ravelino de Castro created the application COVID-19 To the API.

This is the application website called "Covid-19 Ao Api" which allows the user not only to make a self-diagnosis of the disease, but also to have access to credible information on the number of positive, suspected, recovered and deaths caused by the pandemic in Angola.

O application launched this first week of April, which also offers prevention tips recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The statistical data of the application depends on the inter-ministerial commission of Angola, consuming the information directly from this source that belongs to the government of the Republic of Angola, the application guarantees the veracity of the information on the number of positive, suspected, recovered and deaths in the country .

As for self-diagnosis, it is based on questions related to the symptoms of the disease and not only, attributing a considerable probability to the result obtained at the end of the test. The application is available in 4 languages ​​and can be used on any mobile phone, computer or other device with Internet access. If you want to test the application click here.


  1. I really liked the information provided on this site. And I would like you to continue on this path, spreading the news updated, truthful and with good content as it has been.

    In this way, I congratulate you for these services.

    António Canda


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