COVID-19: WhatsApp is being used for education in Kenya


Since the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) emerged, the world has had to adapt to a new way of managing how to teach and learn in schools, tele-work has gained more strength and so on, thus demonstrating a new way and standard of living.

Despite this, our continent ended up suffering a lot from it, without great infrastructure and access to the Internet in some countries of the continent like Angola, where many teachers cannot afford to give or have access to classes through of the platforms that are being used in other countries so as not to miss the academic year practically.

To change the situation in their country, Kenya decided to do something different when the situation started to get complicated, the institutions announced that they would focus on changing all classes online, while the government had mentioned that students preparing for exams nationals would be helped to do this through online learning.

However, trying to get teaching to work virtually proved to be difficult, except for some people who have the necessary resources, such as an Internet connection and the necessary devices. These are high school students. For most, there was a need to innovate around distance learning. From universities to kindergartens, these are the various ways to improvise to maintain learning.

Some teachers are using the WhatsApp to guide your students remotely. A teacher explained that she made a PowerPoint presentation and converted it to video with voice, and then shared it with students through a group via WhatsApp. She also shares documents and records voice notes to answer questions raised by students.


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