Did you know that Vodacom already has presence in Angola?


Currently in the telecommunications sector in Angola, there is talk of the arrival of the fourth telecommunication operator Angola. The Ministry of Telecommunications has already confirmed the opening of a public tender soon.

With many Angolans eager to enter Vodacom in Angola, MenosFios was investigating and found that the company already has a presence in the national territory.

What services are provided by Vodacom in Angola?

During a telephone conversation with Vodacom's offices in Angola, we were assured that the company locally provides services such as ISP - Internet Service Provider (Internet Service Provider) to companies.

For companies, Vodacom in Angola provides Internet services through FIBRA, VSAT and WIMAX.

These packages combine business Internet access media, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), hosted email and web hosting in various configurations.

Could Vodacom be a telecommunications operator in Angola?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees, but with the new paradigm in the sector in Angola, it is believed that everything is possible, since the company is already an operator in some African countries.

Would you like to see Vodacom as a telecommunications operator in Angola?


  1. Of course, I wish I had already crossed my fingers before this news, and with it my expectations only increased even more.
    Vodacom, Vodacom, come come come.


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