Discover Blend, a new Spotify feature that lets you find people with the same musical taste


O Spotify, increasingly, seeks to offer personalized services, and last July announced a new feature called Blend that allows users to create lists with friends and family with songs that meet everyone's personal taste.

The new function allows two Internet users to combine their favorite hits to create a unified playlist automatically. The novelty has a social background to the service.

The technology is the same used to generate custom playlists like Family Mix and Duo Mix. The difference is that it will now be possible to merge two distinct person lists. Whoever has the premium package will receive the recommendation of the algorithm to cross-reference between tastes and deliver a percentage analysis.

Blend will have a story, which can be shared on social networks, it will have a scoring system where the level of compatibility of musical tastes is demonstrated. In addition to sharing likes with friends, Blend also allows you to see other users' musical preferences.

Both paid and free users will have access to Blend, reveals Spotify, however the company announced that premium plan users will have more information at their disposal.

To use Blend, the user just click on “Create Blend” and add the person he wants to share the list with. It is necessary for the other user to accept the request. Afterwards, Spotify takes care of displaying the playlist depending on their musical tastes.


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