[CES 2021] A robotic pet that uses artificial intelligence to interact


Technology solves problems that many did not even know they had. This is the case of the robot presented by the Japanese company Vanguard Industries during the CES 2021: a robot that can replace your pet.

Now it's not just humans who have to worry about not losing their jobs because of robots, Moflin is a robot created to interact with humans. According to the breeding company, Moflin has emotional abilities and the ability to learn that evolve as in a living animal. The company also revealed that the robot is able to differentiate the people who interact with it and uses different movements and sounds for each individual.

The origin

The company started by sharing the Moflin project in the Kickstarter. Vanguard Industries wanted a financing of about 19 thousand USD, but in less than 2 months it obtained more than 500 thousand USD and 1.396 people interested in acquiring the robot. An authentic success!

More details

Not only does Moflin live with artificial intelligence, the robot has a wireless charger and is an egg-shaped nest. While charging, Moflin makes sounds and can hear and respond if someone interacts. To ensure that everyone can interact healthily with the robot, it has removable hair and can be washed.

For those who support the project on Kickstarte, the Moflins are scheduled to be delivered between March and June 2021.

Below the official video




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