Burrinho game officially available for download


After winning the last edition of the national game contest in the prototype category, Beshift in partnership with Autonação they decided to make the official launch of the game “Burrinho - Do you know the words?” on Android platforms - Google Play and iOS - Apple Store during the launch of the 5th Edition of the National Digital Games Competition that took place at the Brasil Angola cultural center - CCBA on January 23, 2020.

O Burrinho is a hobby that consists of forming random words, related according to the chosen theme. It is a veritable vocabulary test and in order to beat it, players must know countless words, always hoping that opponents can make mistakes.

Have you tried the game? Tell us in the comments what you think of it.


  1. Good project, that's how we should operate in this sector of apps to do things native to our reality!


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