DSTV launches the new “Family” package


DSTV Angola invited the press to announce last August 27, related to the new package that already includes value added tax. The new package is made up of the most viewed channels of existing packages.

The company said that the new package comes after some internal analysis and studies based on the consumption of its products and concluded that Angolan families do not linearly obey the social stratification because it has many subclasses, in addition to upper, middle and lower classes. Often families who pay for the 8.000 kzs package in one month, in the other pay the 5000 kzs package or a lower priced package.

To make sure families don't stop having pay-TV, DSTV has put together the most watched channels in each package and has formed another package that could cost 3300 kzs, which is between the prices of the two lowest packages.

The company also said that this package is specifically for Angolan families experiencing some difficulties and that the package will include value added tax. In total DSTV has 10 pay-TV packages, including the new one that will be available on 1 September.


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